Month: July 2019

How Much Does Bond Cleaning Cost?

July 31, 2019 By Aaron Jones

How Much Is A Bond Clean In Brisbane?

The Bachelor’s Clean

July 25, 2019 By Aaron Jones

Are you a busy professional bachelor with no time to clean your home? Why not outsource those regular jobs so you can have your place looking and smelling great for when the girlfriend comes over?! We can provide all the regular cleaning services plus some bachelor specific tasks… Gaming Consoles Is your PS4 caked in […]


July 12, 2019 By Aaron Jones

Are mosquitoes an issue in the warmer months? Blitz them now before they hatch around you and bite! Homes situated near rivers, golf course lagoons, low lands and other waterways are a prime target for the annoying bloodsuckers to wreak havoc on any outdoor event, or worse, buzz around your pillow at night.    Take […]