5 Top Tips for a Healthy Lawn

  1. Avoid cutting the grass too short – When mowing your lawn, the proper height depends upon grass type, season and growing conditions. Mowing your lawn too short can place stress on your lawn, causing weeds to invade and spread. 
  2. Ensure your mower blade is sharpened in order to achieve the best results from mowing your lawn – This is important to ensure a good clean cut is provided to your lawn and will avoid tearing of the grass, which is a common cause of blunt blades.
  3. Adjust the mowers height gradually depending on how short you wish to cut the grass – reduce the height of the mower gradually over time to prevent placing your lawn under extreme stress. 
  4. It is most ideal to mow grass whilst it is dry – wet grass will result in an uneven cut and will clog your mower with clumps of grass
  5. It is important to mow your lawn frequently – grass may grow faster within difference seasons of the year, but it is important to avoid leaving your lawn unmaintained for long periods of time.

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