About Liberty Services

Liberty Services provides a range of quality property maintenance services to ensure your home, workplace and recreation areas are safe, clean and looking great. We are your one stop answer for all your property maintenance solutions including Bond Cleaning in Brisbane, General Domestic Cleaning, Yard & Garden Maintenance, Handyman Services & other important services.

Liberty Services is about more than just ensuring a job well done. Operated by Brisbane community organisation Liberty Enterprises, Liberty Services incorporates social good and sustainability at all levels. Proceeds from mowing and cleaning contracts are rolled back into the charity to help out the most disadvantaged members of our community, the business itself employs marginalised members of the community who are unable to find employment or that vital ‘second chance’ elsewhere.

Our team of lawn care and cleaning experts are dedicated to ensuring that your lawns, gardens, and living spaces are visually appealing, safe, and enjoyable spaces that allow you and your family to truly appreciate your home.