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From the outset, we want to hear your ideas and work with you to create a plan on how to bring them to life.  The team at Liberty Services are a great choice for bathroom renovations. Brisbane based and living locally.  Our bathroom specialists have years of experience working specifically with bathroom renovations and installations. 

Our builders pride themselves on exceptional quality workmanship.  Client satisfaction is our main priority.  We will work to keep your renovation at a price that is within your budget.  From small bathroom renovations to large scale dream bathroom overhauls: our team can assist you.

Not sure what you want?  A great bathroom design needs to be carefully planned out.  We can reduce the stress of choosing fixtures, fittings, bathroom products and colour choices by consulting with our team. We also understand everyone has their own ideas for their vision.  We want to help you achieve just that.

Every detail will be thoughtfully considered and completed to a high standard.  We respect and value the trust placed upon us to take on your specific and individual needs.

Rest assured when working with Liberty that you will feel comfortable that you have chosen the right bathroom renovation company.  Our builder and team members will work hard on your project and turn your dreams into a reality.

Bathroom Due For A Renovation?

Our bathroom renovation specialist has spent many years completing bathroom renovations in Brisbane on a daily basis.  After many years of use bathrooms show signs of wear and tear.  They eventually become outdated.  One of the best ways to rectify this sort of problem is with through engaging a company like Liberty Services’ Bathroom Renovations Brisbane.  Our team will breathe new life into this part of your home.  Furthermore, giving it the modern edge and functionality that your family needs.  We can update plumbing and fixtures that haven’t been touched since the 80’s.  In summary, a brand new bathroom renovation by us is the perfect way to achieve this.  Contact Liberty Services today for a free quote.

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Extending the Bathroom

Bathroom improvements are becoming more popular as people decide that they need more room. If you have a separate toilet and bathroom, knocking down the wall and combining them into one big space can be a good option. The new wall hung toilets can actually add to the appeal of a bathroom. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a separate toilet elsewhere in the home if you don’t want to risk affecting your resale value.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today about your bathroom renovation.  If your extension involves removing walls, then Liberty’s licenced builder partners can take care of this for you.  In conclusion, this ensures that it is not load bearing while everything stays structurally sound.

Extensions will also require the moving or addition of plumbing and electrical.  Rest assured, our team can take care of this for you without any worries.  This is the perfect chance to design a new bathroom and layout that works perfectly for your family.

When is a shower rebuild necessary?

If you’re unsure if you require a shower rebuild, then one of the best ways of knowing is to check your waterproofing membrane in your bathroom. Shower restoration is necessary when the waterproofing membrane beneath your shower tiles is compromised. The damage could have been caused by a broken tile, water exposure over a long time or even from your house shifting on its foundations.  It’s important to make sure the wet area of your bathroom is properly sealed. 

Such shower renovations are structural, not cosmetic. The job at hand can also be complicated. Our team of shower rebuild specialists will ensure you get value-for-money.  Your shower renovation will be completed proficiently and within budget.  While the job can take up to 5 days with the help of trusted professionals.  In summary, a rebuild is sometimes the only way to restore the damage.


Do You Need A Plumber Or Kitchen Renovation Specialist?

When you have a leaking shower or water issue your first thought might be to call a plumber.  

Sometimes it’s an easy choice and sometimes it’s not.  The trick is knowing who does what when it comes to repairing bathroom issues.  At Liberty Services we have a licenced Plumber on our team and a licenced Bathroom Renovation Specialist.

As many as 8/10 of shower leaks are not caused by leaking pipes but by cracked and faulty grout.  In addition, it can be, damaged waterproof membranes and incorrectly constructed showers. You need a team to diagnose the real cause of your shower leak.

When to call a plumber?Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

  • You need a plumber if you know you’ve got a burst or leaking pipe or a faulty tap that needs repairing
  • You need a plumber if you have a blocked pipe
  • You need a plumber if you need your water pressure adjusted
  • You need a plumber if your hot water system isn’t working

In excess of these concerns, it may be worth talking to bathroom specialist. 

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Tips to Make the Bathroom Feel Bigger

If extending your bathroom is not an option, there are still some great tricks that you can use to make your bathroom feel bigger.

  • Be mindful of the “door swing.” In a small bathroom, the door swing can take up as much as 25% of the room.
  • Adding windows will increase the amount of natural light, making the bathroom feel bigger,while always welcome, can take up valuable space and make it harder to place large units (shower, tub) etc
  • Lighter colours used on the walls will help make the space feel bigger. Use bolder colours in your accessories.
  • Trade in the standard vanity for a wall mounted or pedestal basin.
  • Place toilet, sink, and shower/tub along one wall to mitigate costs.
  • While it might not seem logical, laying ceramic or resilient tile at a diagonal makes small bathrooms feel less cramped.
  • Use wall hung fixtures wherever possible.
  • A frameless glass shower screen look more streamlined and will make the bathroom feel more open.
  • Clever lighting can make a big difference – recessed lighting means that the ceiling will feel higher.

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