Sue Chen
Sue Chen
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Liberty Services was very professional. They completed the bond clean without hassle. They arrived on time and they assessed the carpets and gave their professional opinion the job. It was all done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend to anybody looking at getting there bond clean, carpets or anything else professionally cleaned.
Bill Reece
Bill Reece
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The team at Liberty Services did an amazing job of our 4 bedroom home in Ashgrove, Brisbane. They were flexible, responsive, communicative and most importantly, upfront and honest about the work and cost which made the ordinarily-stressful process as stress-free as possible.
Jane Duffield
Jane Duffield
-New Farm
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Extremely happy with the service provided. The carpets look & smell like a million dollars. We were unable to move in because the smell was unbearable. I think the previous tenants had a dog living in this near-new home. The smell is gone now, the carpets look amazing, the cleaning operator went the extra mile to ensure our home was back to normal. I would say they are the best bond cleaning Brisbane reviews. In conclusion, I would highly recommend their services.
June Maclean
June Maclean
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Wow! These guys were fantastic! Bond in full, couldn't find a single fault. I was in an old Queenslander and the clean was immaculate - in better condition then when I moved in. The team completed my clean, both were so very kind and the job was superb. I would recommend this company without a second guess. You will not be disappointed! 😁


Liberty Services provides a high quality, reliable and guaranteed bond clean, end of lease cleaning Brisbane, vacate or “exit clean” services.  If you are moving house and need to secure a dependable service then get in touch with Liberty today.


Moving house is nearly always a more difficult process than we first estimate. Cleaning up your old place to get all of your bond back is just another tedious project on top of many others while you’re trying to set up your new home. It makes sense to outsource this job to a team that can get it done reliably, quickly and professionally.

Our end of lease cleaning service includes a 72 hour BOND BACK GUARANTEE. This guarantee means that we will return to the property free of charge if the agent is unhappy with any aspect of our clean.

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Liberty's Team Of Bond Cleaners

Liberty Services workers have years of experience cleaning homes for vacate cleans and we know what the agent wants to see when they walk in for the final inspection. Our end of tenancy cleaning services are reliable and professional.

Our cleaners are insured and experienced in bond and end of lease cleaning. They understand what is required to ensure your property is cleaned to the standards required by landlords and property managers.

Check out this article that walks you through the step by step process with Liberty Services.

Other Common End Of Lease Maintenance Requirements

Is there anything else you will need taken care of before you hand the keys back?  It’s common to overlook these additional tasks that are required every move. 

Does Your Property Have Carpet?

All carpet will need to be professionally cleaned when it comes time to move.  Liberty can take care of this for you.  Make sure you let us know in your quote form.  This includes carpeted hallways and staircases.  Liberty’s professional carpet cleaning crew will work with Liberty’s bond cleaners to make sure it’s completed to satisfy your property manager and landlord.

Do You Need A Handyman?

It’s common to have made damages around the property during a tenancy.  These damages can be holes in the wall, scratches & dings.  A Liberty handyman can have these repairs completed for you.  

Do You Need A Removalist?

When it comes to moving house a great removalist service is very important.  A great removalist will have a reliable truck and experienced staff.  Arguably, the most difficult part of moving house is lifting the heavy furniture.  A reliable moving service will make this part of moving home simple.  Talk to Liberty today about booking in your removalist.

Did You Have Pets During Your Tenancy?

If you had pets during your tenancy you will most likely be required to get a certified pest control service with flea treatment completed.  Make sure you let Liberty know so we can coordinate this for you.  A quality pest control service means that the property will be 100% ready for a new tenant.  

Does Your Property Have A Garden?

If your property has a garden then you will need to make sure it’s in the same condition it was in upon arrival.  This will likely mean you need to prune back the bushes, pull the weeds, mow the lawns and do the edges.  You can book in Liberty’s end of lease garden maintenance team to take care of this for you.

Do You Have Rubbish That Needs To Be Removed?

It’s common to accumulate rubbish during your tenancy.  It makes no sense to take it to your new property.  If it doesn’t fit in the bin you will need to have it taken away.  Book in Liberty Services to organise your rubbish removal for you.

Here's a short video clip about our bond cleaning service in Brisbane.

Bond Clean Quote & Booking Form

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Other Information About Our Services


Our Brisbane bond cleaning team pride themselves on providing quality cleaning services for your home that are reliable. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the bond cleaning needs of each and every customer.


Without appropriate cleaning, tenants may end up forgoing their bond unless they leave their property in a clean and tidy state ready for the next tenant to move in.  Bond money is normally equivalent to 4 weeks rent.  A full bond refund will no doubt come in handy at moving time due to the long list of moving expenses.

We Offer All End Of Lease Services Including Carpet Cleaning

If your rental property has carpet it will need professional carpet cleaning before handing over the keys. Professional carpet cleaning draws all the gunk and muck that has accumulated in the carpet during your time there.  If you've ever seen this process it's astounding the volume of dirt that your carpet contains.

Our End Of Lease Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and floor coverings experience a huge amount of wear and tear in both residential and commercial spaces. Carpets get worn down from general foot traffic, kids playing and spilling drinks and of course the mess that pets can make. After hosting a house party, it becomes even more complicated to deal with the food particles, dust, dirt and stains. That’s the reason why we have incorporated thorough carpet cleaning in our comprehensive cleaning services. You can book our carpet cleaning service to bring back the look and feel of your expensive carpets in no time at all. Talk to today about rejuvenating your floor coverings!

Brisbane Pest Control

Pest Control Brisbane are experts in the pest control for residential premises and domestic pest eradication. The team at Pest Control Service Brisbane deals with various domestic pest problems. Fleas Rats, mice, bed bugs, ants, cluster & houseflies, cockroaches, wasps woodworm, and most other pest problem. We can even supply a full pest fumigation service to ensure that every corner of your premises is covered. Our skilled technicians deploy tailored pest control treatments and prevention plans based on their expert experience and knowledge of pest behaviour, breeding patterns, and infestation return rates. A low profile, friendly response.


A great removalist will give you an estimate and run down of any potential difficulties and how to overcome them. In addition, they’ll also visit your new home to make the same assessments. After all, if you’re moving a piano from a pokey top floor apartment on a busy street into a Queenslander-style home on stilts. Subsequently, you will need someone who is trained to overcome these sorts of barriers.

End Of Lease Repairs

When it comes to moving house it's common to find a few repairs that need fixing up. Dings, scrapes & scratches happen from time to time. However, these will need to be fixed up before handing in your keys. A Liberty Services Brisbane Handyman can assist you.

Rubbish Removal

It's common to accumulate a lot of rubbish while living in a rental. However, this rubbish will need to be disposed of before handing in your keys. You can book in Liberty Services to take care of this for you. It makes no sense to take the rubbish with you to your brand new house. We typically organise with our clients to leave the rubbish in an area in the garage our the patio area.

End Of Lease Garden Maintenance

In most rental agreements you will be required to restore the gardens to an approximate standard they were when you first moved in. This means pruning the hedges, mowing the lawn, doing the edges & pulling the weeds. Once this is done the green waste will need to be removed. This is something Liberty Services can assist with.


Bond Cleans


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Testimonials - Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane Reviews

You can tell a great bond cleaning service from the amount of great reviews they have.

brisbane bond cleaning reviews
Mary Lazarro -Sherwood

Great service - arrived early morning. They completed everything and the real estate agent said they did a good job. It's good to be able to rely on a service like this when moving house.

bond clean brisbane reviews
Suzanne Donovan -Newstead

It was a good job done by Liberty Services. They took care of everything so I could just focus on the kids and work. I would definitely recommend them for future services to other people I know. It was exceptionally well done.

bond clean brisbane reviews
Toni Devereaux -Red Hill

Excellent response to my enquiry. Liberty Services Cleaning has done an amazing job! They worked tirelessly and is a hard worker. They phoned after the job was done asking if I was satisfied. Very good team and I can highly recommend them!

bond clean brisbane reviews
Jan Snowden -Paddington

Excellent response to my enquiry. Liberty Services Cleaning has done an amazing job! They worked tirelessly and is a hard worker. They phoned after the job was done asking if I was satisfied. Very good team and I can highly recommend them!

bond clean brisbane reviews
Sarah Thompson -New Farm

Liberty and the team were amazing! We got our full bond back and we are so happy with their awesome work! They did an amazing job! Thank you so much!

    Bond Cleaning Brisbane Terminology

    Here is some more information about our bond cleaning service in Brisbane.  Bond Cleaning has several names that people refer to it as.  We hope that this clears up any questions you may have.

    Bond Cleaning Brisbane

    Bond Cleaning Brisbane is the process taken to restore a property to its condition upon your arrival.  It’s a legal requirement here in Qld.  It is overlooked by the Residential Tenancy Authority.  ‘Bond cleaning’ is only one name for the process.  However, it is known by many other terms such as:

    • End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane
    • Bond Cleaning North Brisbane
    • Exit Cleaning Brisbane
    • Bond House Cleaning Brisbane
    • North Brisbane Bond Cleaners
    • End Of Lease House Cleaning Brisbane
    • Bond Cleaning Brisbane House Cleaning
    • Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane
    • One Stop Property Services Bond Cleaning Brisbane
    • Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane
    • End of Lease Bond Cleaning Brisbane
    • Full Bond Clean Brisbane
    Regardless of the name or how you refer to it the process is all essentially the same.

    North Brisbane Bond Cleaners

    North Brisbane bond cleans is where Liberty Services began our journey!  We started with a bond clean in Bridgeman Downs and shortly after a bond clean in Clayfield.  We still have many North Brisbane Bond Cleaners on our team.  It is a common service we provide on a regular basis.

    Bond Cleaning Brisbane House Cleaning

    Bond cleaning Brisbane house cleaning is another commonly used term to reference bond cleaning. Each house needs to be cleaned to the same standard as when you arrived.  Doing so means that you will receive your entire bond back upon leaving.

    Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane

    Why would you refer to bond cleaning in Brisbane as Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane?  

    The answer is that many people think that bond cleaning is as simple as hiring any cleaner to complete the bond clean list.  Most real estate agents stipulate a list more or less based upon the RTA checklist.  The problem is it is not true.  Bond Cleaning is a different animal altogether.  Pro Bond Cleaning in Brisbane refers to professional bond cleaners who are experienced in the art of completing bond cleans.  

    End Of Lease Bond Cleaning Brisbane

    We have more or less covered this term already under the term End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane.  Although, when researching our data, it turns out that many of our clients specifically search for the term End Of Lease Bond Cleaning Brisbane.  

    As we’ve already said, the phrase “end of lease” is confusing because it’s actually an “end of tenancy”.  Perhaps it just rolls off the tongue more simply. 

    End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

    End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane makes no sense as a term.  People do not lease house they have a rental tenancy agreement.  Nonetheless, this a common term people use when referring to Bond Cleaning Brisbane.

    Exit Cleaning Brisbane

    Exit Cleaning Brisbane makes more sense as a term when referring to Bond Cleaning Brisbane.  Exit Cleaning implies that when you are exiting your rental that you will clean it to the standard when you entered the rental.

    Bond House Cleaning Brisbane

    Bond House Cleaning Brisbane is actually another commonly referred to term for Bond cleaning Brisbane.  Although, a house implies that it is a stand alone dwelling.  This is perhaps the most common bond cleaning dwelling.  However, there are other types of dwellings that also require bond cleaning in Brisbane.  These include apartments, townhouses and even some offices and other commercial residences.  Nonetheless, Bond House Cleaning is a service we provide at Liberty Services.  

    End Of Lease House Cleaning Brisbane

    End Of Lease House Cleaning Brisbane is another common term used to refer to Bond Cleaning Brisbane.  Once again the term ‘lease’ is somewhat misleading.  Tenants rent a house but they do NOT lease a house.  Nonetheless, End Of Lease House Cleaning Brisbane is a common term being used to refer to Bond Cleaning Brisbane.  

    Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane

    Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane is perhaps the most widely used term to refer to Bond Cleaning Brisbane.  It makes sense why.  It’s exactly what it says it is.  

    Cleaning is the most important factor when restoring your rental to the same standard upon arriving.  However, it’s not just about cleaning.  The next term will detail why this is the case. 

    One Stop Property Services Bond Cleaning Brisbane

    One Stop Property Services Bond Cleaning Brisbane is actually another very common term to refer to bond cleaning.  There is a good reason for this.  Cleaning is the most important action on the list but there are also repairs, garden maintenance, pest control, carpet cleaning, rubbish removal to all take care of at the same time. 

    This why we like to refer to our Bond Cleaning services as an End Of Lease Preparation Service.  Subsequently, you can also call it a one stop property service for bond cleaning in Brisbane.  

    Full Bond Clean Brisbane

    Another frequently employed designation is “full bond clean Brisbane”.  This is important to clarify.  There are cleaners out there who will conduct a cleaning service for you.  However, they are not a ‘full bond cleaning service’.  They are only there to do cleaning not take full responsibility for the Bond Clean.  

    Real Estate Agents & Property Managers Liberty Has Completed Bond Cleaning For: