Garden Maintenance Brisbane

Liberty Services Can Help With All Your Garden Maintenance Needs.

Garden Maintenance Services Brisbane

Keep your garden and lawn looking vibrant, neat and well maintained with Liberty lawn maintenance services.  

Our great rates and solid work ethic make us a hard to beat solution for your lawn and garden care. We aim for high customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to being thorough with our work by using detailed systems.

Outdoor Garden Maintenance Services We Provide in Brisbane

Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care

With our professional lawn care equipment we will mow your grass finishing it neatly and clean. Your home is a place of sanctuary and the yard should be a safe and clean place to maintain that. A healthy, well-maintained lawn free of prickles and weeds adds to your quality living, and encourages children to get outside more.

Garden Maintenance Services Brisbane

Whipper Snipping & Lawn Edges

Part of having your property looking amazing is having the place whipper snipped and edged. As well as it being fundamental to the beautification of your home, preventing your grass and plants from growing over concrete, footpaths and driveways, and up walls prevents unnecessary damage occurring to your home. 

Lawn Aeration & Fertilising

Australia is notorious for hard clay soils, which can significantly impede your lawn’s health and longevity. We can aerate and fertilise your lawn to ensure strong and healthy grass roots, and turn those brown patches back into a healthy shade of green.

Green Waste Removal

We have a small fee for disposal of green waste off-site, however local councils allow us to use your green waste recycling bins at your property, and this is free of charge.
After a garden maintenance job or garden makeover we can remove all the green waste leaving you with a beautiful clean garden.

Irrigation & Watering

Watering is one of the most important garden maintenance tasks in Brisbane, and one that is often overlooked. How much? How often? How deep? How to apply? All these questions are answered by the team at Liberty Services. We can install and maintain the right watering & irrigation system for your garden. A regular check, clean and repair service for your irrigation system is absolutely essential.

Mulching & Soil Conditioning

Mulching prevents soil erosion, decreases water loss and prevents the growth of weeds, along with looking aesthetically great! Soil improvements and vigilance are the keys to plant establishment. We conduct soil analysis, improve soil and reinvigorate beds prior to planting. Choose from a variety of mulches and composts.
Brisbane Landscaping


Are your hedges overgrown? Do your topiaries need shaping? Bushes need a trim? Liberty Services can have your shrubs, bushes and hedges pruned back and looking great again.

Other Garden, Yard & Outdoor Services

End of Lease Gardening Solutions

When it comes time to move house your property manager will ask that the gardens are in a neat condition.  There is a reasonable expectation that you will maintain the gardens at your rental property.  This is a requirement enforced by the RTA.  You can find more details about this here.  

Liberty Services regularly works with real estate agents to ensure properties are maintained to a standard that will keep both the property manager and the landlord happy.  

Garden Makeover Or Design For A House Sale

When you’re selling your house, you want to present the most beautiful side of your home and garden to ensure the potential buyers love what they see. A garden makeover can go a long way to help create the right impression.
A great well maintained garden can effectively add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale of a property.  Liberty has assisted with this many times.  If you are considering selling your home then talk to Liberty today about preparing your property for sale.

Large Garden Projects

If you are planning a large scale renovation of your gardens then talk to an experienced landscaping professional today.  An experienced landscaper can help to design and plan the ideal garden for your property.

Landscaping Services


If you’re looking for a landscaping solution for your outdoor area Liberty Services can assist you. We can assist with:Garden Maintenance Services Brisbane


Yard & Garden Maintenance

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