Fresh calls for meth tests after poisoned renter forced to abandon her possessions

There are renewed calls for landlords to test for the residue of a potent drug inside their properties after a New South Wales tenant became ill and was forced to abandon her possessions.

Veronica Rawlinson had been experiencing poor health for several months before requesting the four-bedroom home she was leasing in Nowra be swabbed for traces of methamphetamine, or the drug ice.

“My energy was really low and then I broke out in a skin rash on my shoulder and my arm,” Ms Rawlinson said.

Serious health consequences

Dr Jackie Wright, an Adjunct Researcher at Flinders University, has been studying the impacts and risks of second-hand exposure to methamphetamine.

“From both manufacture and use, those drug residues deposit and stick to all of the hard surfaces in the property,” Dr Wright said.

Adjunct researcher Dr Jackie Wright wears a lab coat and face mask as she swabs part of a table to traces of the drug.
Meth Testing Brisbane

PHOTO: Dr Jackie Wright has been studying the impacts and risks of second-hand exposure to methamphetamine. (Supplied: Jackie Wright)

“But they also penetrate all the soft things, so furnishings, carpets and curtains.

Read more in the article by the ABC here.

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