How often do I really need to clean everything?

Growing up most of us learn how to clean from our parents. For the same reason some of us learn how NOT to clean!

As we grow up these jobs need doing whether we like it or not, but mostly falling into the “not” category.

Yes, you can choose to tilt the blinds so the dust isn’t visible and wait a few weeks before changing the bed sheets, but thankfully it’s now easier and more acceptable than ever to outsource the housework.

Having a regular cleaner takes the stress and guilt out of spending your weekends cleaning. So how often should we be aiming to clean things in the home?

Daily Clean

If you like the feeling of a neat and tidy home, there’s certain things that need doing every day. This is the work of a housekeeper. This includes making the bed, putting away towels or clothes, washing the dishes, wiping down kitchen benchtops after use, picking up spills as they happen and doing a quick tidy up once a day to keep everything in it’s place.

Somewhere between daily and weekly you’ll also need to take care of the washing. You can expect to spend around half an hour per load by the time it’s put in the wash, hung out to dry and put back in the wardrobe!

Weekly Clean

The most common tasks you or your cleaner should do each week include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, changing the bed sheets, cleaning the bathroom and toilets, wiping down mirrors and kitchen appliances such as the kettle, toaster, fridge and microwave.

Monthly Clean

These are the jobs that tend to get pushed aside until they’re really necessary. Cleaning windows and blinds, wiping down the front of your kitchen cupboards, clearing unwanted items from the fridge and pantry and vacuuming your bed mattress should all be done around once a month if you want the home to stay hygienic and looking it’s best.

Once or twice a year

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be anything left to clean, don’t forget your oven, fridge, rangehood, air vents, fans, lights, skirting boards, window and door tracks which need a good wipe down. Too exhausted to bother? This is when a Spring Clean service comes in handy.

Keeping a home clean takes time and effort – it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to outsource these jobs rather than spend every Saturday scrubbing!

If life has you too busy to currently clean to the standard you need consider booking in a cleaning service. For more information on our services please visit the Liberty Cleaning Services page.

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