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Property Maintenance Jobs Brisbane

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We are always looking for dedicated hard working people to join our team to assist with property maintenance jobs in Brisbane. Liberty Services is about much more than doing a great job. It’s about helping people who are unemployed and need a leg up. If you are skilled at any of the services we provide AND passionate about supporting disadvantaged members of our community we’d love to hear from you.

We provide a range of property maintenance jobs in Brisbane including garden maintenance, professional cleaning to handyman jobs and some trade qualified work.

Our team is diverse and come from a range of cultures, ethnicities and orientations.  Our unifying characteristic is a commitment to exceptional customer service and looking out for the community.

We want to work with people who really connect with and believe in our mission and are motivated to help their community.

If you’d like to inquire about joining our team please contact us on the form below or email us. Thank you.

Property Maintenance Jobs Brisbane

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