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Want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space but worried about the potential costs? Landscaping Brisbane doesn’t always need to be an expensive project. With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can better manage the expenses that come with upgrading the look of your lawn and garden.

So how can you ensure more value for money when initiating a landscaping project for your property? Here are a few low budget ideas highly recommended by landscapers that will give your outdoor space a completely new look.

1. Plant Some Trees.

There is a lot to consider before planting a tree, such as utility lines, where and how it will grow, and how it will fit into your yard once it’s full-grown. However, growing a tree from the ground up is surprisingly cheap; you can buy a small tree, ready for planting, from Bunnings for about $30. Planting a tree doesn’t require much skill or time, just some love and patience, as it’ll be a while before your tree reaches its full potential.

Landscaping Services Brisbane
Landscaping Services Brisbane

2. Use Cuttings.

You don’t need to buy new plants; you can approach friends or neighbours for cuttings of plants that are thriving in their garden. The great advantage here, apart from keeping your outdoor space beautification expenses low, is there’s a high likelihood that those cuttings will grow well in your own lawn or garden since they’re taken from areas where the climate and soil conditions are the same with yours.

3. Landscaping Services Brisbane With A Green Fence

There is a large variety of shrubs available, so choose based on your budget, style, and end goal. Larger shrubs are better for more privacy. This is a very simple DIY landscaping project that requires minimal skill and just a little bit of time and effort. Plan on spending anywhere from $25 to $500, depending on your preferences.

Brisbane Landscaping
Landscaping Services Brisbane

4. Try Succulents.

Succulents thrive even in the hottest regions of Australia and they’re quite lovely to integrate into any garden. If you’re successful in growing them, they can even replace traditional ground cover (grass). As a nice touch, you can grow succulents in small pots that you can strategically place in different areas of your outdoor space.

5. Use Bright Paint

Bright colours will help especially when flowers just won’t bloom (yet). If you have garden furniture set up, paint them with a cheery colour. This will instantly make your outdoor space come alive and boost kerb appeal.

6. Create edging for your lawn.

There are so many options for edging that will not cost you much. Some folks even use old china and tyres – you’re really only limited by your imagination. But if you want a more traditional look, you can purchase bricks, tiles and even Besser blocks.

7. Create Flowerbeds.

Flowerbeds will add dimension to your lawn especially if you use different perennials like Achillea, Centrauthus (very easy to grow in Western Australia – they even pop up in unexpected locations), and Cosmos. You can create flowerbeds with Besser blocks and old tyres.

If you’d like some help with your upcoming project landscaping Brisbane then get in touch with Liberty Services for a quote.

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