Liberty Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Liberty Services offers a reliable carpet cleaning service throughout Brisbane.  Do your carpets need a deep clean to remove dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years? Carpet cleaning is a way to give your carpets a thorough, high quality, deep clean. It looks great afterwards but also it eliminates all the dangerous bacteria. Therefore, making your home a healthier place but also looking and smelling wonderful & fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We provide affordable cleaning services for carpets and upholstery in Brisbane.  Our carpet cleaning uses environmentally friendly solutions to ensure the safety of your family and pets. We offer fast and efficient services that are affordable and very effective. For instance, in treating general wear and tear as well as stubborn stains. We use industry standard procedures for complete satisfaction on every job.

Experience the difference with Liberty Carpet cleaning and receive a spotless and restored originality for your floors. We understand that you have busy schedule with work and family. Our cleaners will work around your timetable to ensure the least amount of disturbance to your day. We provide a 100% guarantee on all work.

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning and vacuuming only remove debris at the surface. Professional carpet cleaning provides a deeper treatment that removes dirt, dust mites, pet hairs and other forms of debris. These are commonly found deep in the carpet fibres.

Here are some other advantages of a professional carpet cleaning service.

  • Deep Clean:  Cleans deep into the carpet fibres.

  • Less chemical compounds: Using a wet method uses less chemicals than dry shampooing or vacuuming.

  • Protects The Carpet: Prolonging the life of your carpet.

  • Removes Allergens: Safeguard the health of your family and children.


  • Carpets

  • Curtain Cleaning

  • Rug Cleaning

The Cleaning Process

  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spot application for tough stains
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Extraction
  • Neutralizing pH balance
  • Grooming
  • Setting the carpet pile
  • Post inspection

If there are stains in the carpet Brisbane that are required to be removed we can also provide a stain treatment service. Please note that this is not included in a regular carpet clean. You can find out more information about our stain removal, spot dying and repair service here.

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Rug Cleaning Brisbane

In addition to carpet cleaning in Brisbane Liberty can assist with cleaning your rugs.  Rugs can be very expensive and gather all sorts of grime.  Especially if you have pets or small children then it’s likely a rug cleaning Brisbane service will be required at some point!  Cleaning rugs Brisbane is one of our specialities.  Stain removal is another services we offer.  Stain removal is different to standard cleaning.  Some stains are particularly complex to remove.  If your Brisbane rug has a stain get in touch with us immediately!  The longer it is there, sometimes, it’s more difficult and complex to remove. 

Rug Cleaning Brisbane; Rugs Brisbane

More About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Every time you vacate a rental your real estate agent will often require you to have the carpets professionally cleaned.  They often highly recommend a steam clean of your carpets.  Steam cleaning ensures it’s hygienically clean.  There are many carpet cleaning companies out there but there a few that are serious about providing a professional quality services.  

If you’ve had pets while renting it becomes quite important to clean your carpet.  We all know that pets can leave pet stains on carpets.  You will also need to have a pest control with a specialised flea treatment.  Carpet cleaning and pest control does not take a long time.  If the procedure is done correctly it should only take a couple of hours.  This is dependent on the drying times of your specific carpet fibres.  

Our carpet steam cleaning service comes with a 72 hour satisfaction guarantee.  Rest assured your carpets will be cleaned thoroughly. 

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