Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

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Reliability is an essential part of every cleaning service. Office & Facility Managers want a reliable and quality cleaning service.  Systems and Innovation enable us to focus on what matters while delivering Office & Other Commercial Cleaning Brisbane Services. Employing the best and most motivated people, who enjoy cleaning is important to delivering a reliable cleaning service.  

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Liberty Commercial Cleaning Training

Training is an integral part of ensuring that we consistently deliver a reliable service along with solid technology platforms that schedule and keep track of service delivery and cleaning tasks required in your office.    

Our Commercial Cleaning Clients Include:

Some typical business & building types we service are Office Facilities, Churches, Gyms, Business Park Offices, Corporate Offices, Office Facilities

Other Information About Our Commercial Cleaning Services In Brisbane

Consistency is the 2nd pillar of success which ensures your premises always looks it’s best.  We offer our “Total Cleaning Solution” to clients, as a way of ensuring your office or facility is consistently clean & hygienic. Consistency is delivered by our ability to monitor Staff Time & Attendance and Task Management.

We’ve learned how to deliver Reliable & Consistent cleaning services in Brisbane.  Our aim is to create raving fans of our business.   We are not looking for short term customers. We understand the Lifetime Value of our Customers and Pride ourselves on becoming part of the woodwork of your business. Our experience has meant we can expand our services far from regular daily cleaning services. Our Total Cleaning Solution provides the opportunity, for you to stop organising multiple contractors to service your building and rely on Liberty Commercial Cleaners to manage your daily cleaning services, monthly Cleaning Services, and all your Restoration & Periodical Cleaning Requirements. More than that we can provide other services such as repairs.

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Brisbane's #1 Commercial Cleaning Service

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At Liberty Services we use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.


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Liberty Services is constantly aiming to improve our service delivery.  We have a strong core team of proficient cleaners.  We are hungry for more work and to grow our team further.

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Brisbane’s Leading Office Cleaning Services

Liberty’s Commercial Cleaners are very proud to offer our clients access to the most reliable, consistent and experienced office cleaning service in Brisbane.  Our commercial office cleaning services ensure your employee’s safety, health and even provide a boost in their productivity for your business.  Our services are available to small 3 staff offices to towering high-rises and ensure that your company benefits from clean and hygienic conditions.

Our Office Cleaning Service

At Liberty Commercial Cleaners, we want to be your choice in office cleaning companies, and we know that we have the skills, experience, reputation and drive to deliver. Every business is different and all our Cleaning Proposals are customised for your business, based on your wishes, requirements and plans.

Getting Started

  1. The first point of call is booking a Site Inspection and Introduction.  We then sit down with you and the necessary shareholders to discuss your requirements. We like to first establish the reasons your looking for a new cleaning contractor.  Whether it is to save some costs, engage a better quality service, engage a new service, it’s important as it provides us with what benefits are you are seeking from an office cleaning service.
  2. While we’ll try our best to promptly and efficiently determine your requirements, it’s important you make the time to discuss everything with us to ensure you reveal and investigate any hidden areas that are potential threats to your staff’s health and wellbeing.
  3. Our experienced team will go through your office from top to bottom, including areas and questions the other commercial cleaning companies never check and ask in order to ensure that we are able to provide you with the utmost in terms of professional service.

Customisation Matters Greatly

At Liberty Commercial Cleaners, we use industry specific quoting software to ensure we customise your proposal for you. We’re happy to customise every aspect of our services to meet your specific requirements.  No standard cleaning schedules, Liberty uses the freshOps service to help us delivery very site specific Office Cleaning Services with alternating schedules, and rotating tasks and schedules that suit your office.

Our Professional Cleaners

For many years, we have been offering the highest quality office cleaning in Brisbane, and our cleaners are the key to that reputation.  Our cleaners go through a full recruitment, induction and training process which ensures we provide the best cleaners for your premises.  Cleaners are matched to your site based on their skills and experience. We don’t just send anyone to you site.

Health & More

Our office cleaning service ensures that your business benefits in many key ways. First, you’ll be providing your employees and clients with a more healthful environment, free of allergens and air-borne bacteria that can threaten health. Second, you’ll be providing your employees with an environment more conducive to high productivity and increased job satisfaction. Those advantages help ensure both better health and greater happiness, both of which give your business advantages.

Engage The Best Commercial Cleaners - Get In Touch Today.

Request a Site Inspection & Introduction and one of our Team will be in contact shortly to arrange a time to meet that suits you best.

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane
Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Commercial Cleaning Brisbane


Here are some pre-answers to commonly asked questions regarding our commercial cleaning services in Brisbane.  If your question isn’t answered here please feel free to contacts us and ask us about our commercial cleaning services in Brisbane.

Office Cleaning Brisbane - Is this something Liberty provides?

Yes.  Office cleaning in Brisbane is definitely one of the services Liberty can assist you with.  If you’re looking for a reliable service to look after your facilities then get in touch with Liberty today. 

Cleaning Services Brisbane - Does Liberty only do Commercial Cleaning?

No.  Liberty also assists clients with bond cleaning in Brisbane and other cleaning services.  We offer a complete range of Cleaning Services in Brisbane.

Is Liberty currently looking for Cleaning Contracts in Brisbane?

Liberty is always looking for new cleaning contracts in Brisbane.  Most cleaning companies in Brisbane would consider new cleaning contracts in Brisbane.  We would be interested in quoting or completing a tender for large cleaning contracts in Brisbane.

Commercial Cleaning Services Brisbane - What is the scope of Liberty's services?

Liberty provides a comprehensive suite of commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane.  This includes office cleaning, industrial cleaning and many other services.  If you’re not sure we’d welcome you to get in contact with us and we’ll let you know. 

brisbane commercial cleaning services - does this mean you only service Brisbane city?

We provide commercial cleaning services all throughout Brisbane.  This includes the Brisbane CBD but more than that.  Liberty provides commercial cleaning from the south of Brisbane through to Caboolture.  Our team is always growing so if you’re not sure get in touch and we’ll see if you’re in our catchment.

Does Liberty Provide professional cleaning services in Brisbane?

Yes.  We provide a full suite of commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane.  You can trust Liberty to provide a complete clean in Brisbane.

Does Liberty provide office cleaning services in Brisbane?

Yes.  We are Brisbane’s best office cleaning contractors.  If you have an office in Brisbane then let Liberty Services take care of the regular cleaning services for your office.  Our team are professional cleaners and are hungry for more work.  

Does Liberty Assist With Other Business cleaning In Brisbane?

Yes.  If you have a ‘different’ sort of business we can assist with cleaning services.  As long as it’s safe for our contractors and the service delivery is clear then we can assist.

commercial cleaning brisbane city

Does Liberty provide commercial cleaning services to Brisbane city?  Yes, we do.

What Your Prices For Cleaning Offices In Brisbane?

Our office cleaning prices in Brisbane vary from job to job.  We’d prefer to discuss the entire job with you before quoting.  There are several factors that affect office cleaning prices.  This includes the length of time to clean, the number of contractors required, when it needs to be completed and other factors.  Get in touch with us and we will work out a mutually agreeable price for office cleaning in Brisbane.

Does Liberty Provide Office Cleaning In South Brisbane

Yes, we do.  We do office cleaning in South Brisbane and all throughout SE Qld.  

Does Liberty do office cleaning in Brisbane city?

Yes, Liberty provides office cleaning in Brisbane city.  

office cleaning brisbane northside

Does Liberty provide office cleaning on Brisbane’s Northside?  Yes, we do.  Liberty Services started out on the Northside.  This is our home territory and where we are still based.  We provide office cleaning throughout North Brisbane.

Does Liberty provide Brisbane office cleaning services?

Absolutely.  Liberty offers professional office cleaning in Brisbane.  Office cleaning is one of our core services here at Liberty Services Brisbane.

Does Liberty offer commercial office cleaning in Brisbane?

Yes, Liberty does provide commercial office cleaning in Brisbane. 

Is Liberty An Office Cleaning Business in Brisbane?

Office cleaning is a core service that Liberty offers.  However, we provide many other maintenance services.  

How many office cleaning companies in brisbane are there?

A lot!  There are many office cleaning companies in Brisbane to choose from.  It’s important when selecting an office cleaning company to check their online reviews.  You can’t fake a great reputation.  

Is Liberty looking for office cleaning contracts in Brisbane?

Definitely.  Our team are hungry for more work.  We’re always looking for more office cleaning contracts anywhere in Brisbane.  

Does Liberty do office cleaning in brisbane?

Yes, office cleaning in Brisbane is our core business.  Our team love doing office cleaning in Brisbane.

Does Liberty provide office cleaning in north Brisbane?

Liberty provides office cleaning services in North Brisbane.  We are based in North Brisbane.  Consequently, we have many contracts providing office cleaning services in North Brisbane.