Liberty Living Solutions

Tailored modifications for people who need innovative solutions for their home or workplace

An Example of a Modern Wheelchair Friendly Bathroom


Liberty Living Solutions

Many times, having minor modifications to your home and surroundings can mean a world of positive difference for your well being and those supporting you.  Thoughtfully designed & constructed for your personal situation giving you maximum accessibility, manoeuvrability, simplicity and ultimately freedom.

With the support of our network of professionals, the Liberty Living Solutions program can provide solutions with modifications such as:

  • New or renovated bathrooms
  • Wall mounted grab rails for areas such as toilets, showers and steps
  • Chair platform raisers and bed blocks
  • Non-slip treatment in bathrooms
  • Small door threshold ramps
  • Handheld shower hoses
  • Box steps
  • Drop down rails/pool rails
  • External secured fabricated rails
  • Keysafe installations

We can provide advice and support toward any of these modifications. People who commonly require these modifications may include people with a disability or the elderly. Our network of professionals includes:

  • Engineer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • NDIA Approved Builder
  • Disability Consultant
  • Bathroom construction specialists
    • Plumber
    • Tiler

Our network of professionals each have a heart for people with a disability and vulnerable members of the community. They are each motivated by genuinely helping those in need as a priority.

What is the cost? The cost depends on each individual’s requirements, their funding allowances and the planned outcome for the project.  All work will be quoted in advance as your funding requires.

We will work with each party to ensure the project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

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