Liberty's Terms Of Service

Terms & Conditions of Trade With Liberty Services

While it might feel a bit time-consuming to read the fine print, we do believe it is the best way to manage expectations and avoid any surprises. Our terms of trade set out what we will deliver to you and what we expect from you. The last thing we want is a mismatch in understanding.

We believe in providing a really great service and we take pride in our standards. The terms of service below serve as the criteria for all of the work we carry out. These terms override any agreements made in person, over the telephone, or in any other communication.

When you ask Liberty Services to carry out work on your behalf, you agree to uphold your obligations under these terms of trade.

If you have any questions please contact us on our office number 1300993520 or email us at If you are dissatisfied with the work we have provided or have any problems or comments, please let us know immediately.  You can also provide feedback via this form here.   

We take pride in what we do and would love for you to use us again and tell your friends. You can be sure that we want you to get the outcome you are after, as much – if not more- than you do.

Payment of Fees

  1. Unless otherwise negotiated, Liberty Services requests that all fees are paid on the day of completion the service is delivered.
  2. If you cancel a job, after signing our service agreement, within 24 hours of the jobs agreed starting time you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee based on the quoted amount.
  3. An invoice will be emailed to you upon project completion
  4. Liberty Services reserves the right to withdraw services for accounts that are overdue.
  5. Liberty Services reserves the right to request a deposit for all jobs quoted over $100, prior to job commencement.
  6. Liberty Services reserves the right to forward overdue accounts to a collections agency if they remain outstanding for 60 days or longer.
  7. Please note that quotes are based only on the information provided to Liberty Services by the client. A Liberty Services employee will provide a final price based on a site inspection on the day of service delivery. The quoted price may be adjusted to reflect any additional labour or tasks required (ie. extra cleaning for areas that are in a poor condition; overgrown yards; client add-ons; etc).
  8. We will attempt to inform you of any significant change in price at the start of the job when it becomes apparent to the employee/contractor that the project will cost more than the estimated quote.

Terms For Specific Services