Meth Homes Could Lose 10% Of Their Value

Homebuyers without experience are unwittingly investing in houses laced with methamphetamine residue. In short, meth contamination can reduce the property’s value by 10 per cent.

For example, first home buyer Tom who declined to provide his last name, purchased a home at Woorilla Court, Frankston.  It had been on the market for a year. Unfortunately, he later discovered that the kitchen had methamphetamine residue readings 20 times above the safe Australian standard.

Brisbane Squalor & Meth Homes Cleanups
Meth Screen tester Darlene Van Der Ent said she has been amazed of the standard of house that tests positive to meth residue. Josh Robenstone

“When [he and his partner] moved in we introduced ourselves to our new neighbours who immediately revealed junkies used to live in the house,” he said.

“We immediately had the property tested by Liberty Services who discovered methamphetamine residue readings above the safe Australian guidelines.”

Meth Homes: It’s not always obvious.

Meth Screen tester Darlene Van Der Ent said she has been dismayed by the standard of the houses that test positive to meth residue.

“Most of them are high end houses not the run down estate homes,” she said.

Many meth users let their properties turn into a mess. Liberty Services assist with hoarding and squalor cleanups. These are thorough cleans and effectively coordinate a full restoration of the property. Once complete, it will be ready to return to the market and attract a high quality tenant. We often find that with the squalor comes pests. We typically need to complete 2 pest control services. This is to ensure the rats, flies and fleas have all been killed off. Typically the garden is overgrown and in need of maintenance. And of course, there are nearly always repairs that need to be fixed up and often times painting too.

“Most of the houses that test positive are not obvious. There is nothing really prominent about them, they are just nice houses.”

-Darlene Van Der Ent, Seasoned Meth Remediation Specialist

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Remediation Services & Squalor Cleanups Brisbane - Meth Homes
Remediation Services & Squalor Cleanups Brisbane – Meth Homes

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