Simple Steps on How To Fix Your Flyscreen

Nothing looks worse than a damaged flyscreen. Anyone with pets or small children know how easy it is for holes to appear. Once there are holes, sure enough, mosquitos and flies will be finding their way in. Here’s a simple guide on how to fix your flyscreen! If you’d like to skip all this and hire a pro then get a quote now.

Step by Step Guide: How To Fix Your Flyscreen


  1. First and foremost, measure the height and width of the flyscreen you wish to replace. Ensure you allow an additional minimum of 3 to 4 inches of mesh on each side. Document these measurements and take them to your local hardware store where you can readily access new flyscreen mesh.
  2. Once you have the new mesh then it is time to remove the damaged mesh from the frame. Do this by lifting and then twisting the line corner out. This will allow you to completely slide the screen out. Remove the rubber lining that holds the mesh into the frame. Pry it up and pull gently at the join until it becomes loose. This will allow you to remove the old mesh from the screen and dispose of appropriately.
  3. For this step, you can either purchase a wheel tool from the hardware store or alternatively use the handle of an old dinner knife with a very blunt blade to avoid injury. Simply lay the new mesh over the screen frame and using the tool, push the rubber tubing into the slot at one corner, applying pressure.
  4. Continue along selected side until completed, and then work on the opposite side, ensuring you do not pull the mesh too tightly. Further, ensure that the mesh is kept straight. You can check this by ensuring the weave is parallel to the screen.
  5. You can then proceed to complete the two other remaining sides, again, ensuring that you do not pull the mesh too tightly, since the rubber tubing will do this for you.
  6. Now that the mesh is secured on each side of the frame, it is time to carefully trim the excess mesh using a sharp knife.


How To Fix Your Flyscreen

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