Liberty Staff Resources

Liberty Staff Resources

Liberty Services Subcontractor Form

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Liberty Services Subcontractor Preference Profile Form

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Liberty Services Uniform Code


Liberty Services Training Manual

Liberty Services Cleaning Operations Manual
v2.1 Updated 17Sep19

Liberty Services: RTA Checklist for Bond Cleans

RTA Exit Condition Report (Bond Clean) Form14aDownload

Job Completion Form

Use this form to report the details of each job upon completion. This serves as a reference to ensure you receive your pay.

Bond Clean Completion Form

Use this form to report the details of each bond clean AS YOU ARE DOING IT. This serves as a reference to ensure you have done everything that is reasonably required of you and that you will receive your pay.

Time Sheet

This is the time sheet for employees to complete each fortnight to submit their hours worked for payment.
Liberty Time Sheet

Invoicing Assistance

If you need assistance with setting up an easy way to send invoices here are some options.

Injury Report Form

This is a common report type for incident reports that are injuries in the workplace if you are staff, a contractor or a visitor. Even if the injury is minor and does not require immediate official medical attention it is prudent to record the event in the case it does graduate to become more severe. Please record lost time, injury details, mechanism of injury, severity, nature of the injury, first aid or medical treatment details.

Property Damage Report Form

This is essential for any and all property damage. Track estimate costs of damage, parties involved, witnesses, evidence, police reports, action and antecedents that caused the damage.


Near Miss Incident Report Form

This is the incident type that can prevent serious injuries or worse. What happened, what could prevent it from happening again?