Brisbane Paving Solutions: A Guide On How To Pave A Pathway

Prepare the Pathway for Paving

This is an essential step before paving any pathway regardless of location. It is a key element to have a solid foundation to lay the pavers on. In order to set this foundation, lay crushed rock on the pathway. Also, secure a border along both sides of where you wish for the pathway to be. This will ensure that your pavement remains in place while you lay.

Prepare the Sand and Cement

It is essential to protect yourself when preparing the mixture when doing Brisbane paving. Therefore, it is important to wear a face mask and gloves when preparing the loose particles. Once you are protected, thoroughly mix a handful of cement into three bags of sand. Then, place on top of the foundation previously made. Make a straight edge by cutting a piece of timber that is the same width as the pathway. This will ensure that your sand and cement mix is level for the pavers to be laid on. Determine how high you want the cement mixture to be. Hold the piece of timber at that height, using a pencil to mark this point clearly on the timber. Measure this height and make the exact same making on the other end of the timber. Drill nails into these markings.

Begin Your Path

Sit the nail points on the straight edge above the wooden border, starting at the beginning of your path. This ensures that the cement mixture is laid level and can be repeated as required to ensure the mixture is flat.

Lay The Pavers

Once you are satisfied that your concrete mixture is now laid level on your path, it is now time to begin to lay your pavers. It is important to lay the first two rows of your pavers in an offset pattern called stretcher bond. This means that joints are offset by half of the width of the paver.

Brisbane Paving Solutions
Brisbane Paving Solutions

Ensure The Pavers Are Level

You can do this by pulling a string line around an unused paver. Then putting it on one side of the wooden border. You then pull the string across the path and tie it around another paver. Continue to perform this in order to identify whether the pavers are level. If the paver is lower than the string line remove it and simply place additional cement mixture underneath. Similarly, if a paver is too high, remove it and scrape some mixture from underneath, before placing the paver back down. If you remove and replace pavers, ensure you tap with a rubber mallet to secure them back into place.

Continue Laying Rows of Pavers

Once you are satisfied with your first two laid rows of pavers, you can continue adding a few more at a time. Continue with the line process to ensure all pavers are level, adjusting them as required. Repeat this process until you have completed the path.

Set Your Pavers In Place

This is essential when paving any area. This can be completed by mixing one bag of sand with one quarter of a bag of white cement. Using a shovel, spread this mixture over the entire pathway. It is important to use a broom to sweep this mixture between the pavement cracks. It is then time to get a hose and lightly spray the path, which will assist the mixture in hardening. Repeat this process until all of the cracks between the pavers are filled, and ensure that this mixture is hardened before walking on your new pathway.

Professional Brisbane Paving Solutions

Here at Liberty Services, we have professionals experienced at laying pavers. Brisbane paving solutions are just a click away. If you need a path laid for your household, contact Liberty Services today for a quote!

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Connecting Brisbane – The Directory Bringing Brisbane Together

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