The Bachelor’s Clean

Are you a busy professional bachelor with no time to clean your home? Why not outsource those regular jobs so you can have your place looking and smelling great for when the girlfriend comes over?!

We can provide all the regular cleaning services plus some bachelor specific tasks…

Gaming Consoles

A Liberty Services Cleaner Can Take Care Of The Most Extreme Bachelor Pad

Is your PS4 caked in dust? Is your TV in desperate need of a wipe down? Is your controller smeared with tomato sauce?

Have a pro cleaner get your gaming gear back to near new again!

Fridge Purge

Is your fridge filled with three month old take away, grandma’s sanga’s and jars of anything well past their use by date? Do you even know what’s in your freezer?

Get a pro cleaner to purge your fridge and get it back to a level that isn’t a potential danger to public health.


Does your washing build up? Not sure how to clean that stain out of that shirt made of a material you don’t know how to pronounce? Want to have your clothes cleaned better than they ever have?

Include a load of washing in your regular professional clean with Liberty Services


Have you been turning up to work looking like you’ve just woken up? Don’t have time to have those office shirts looking sharp for your meetings

Have an ironing pro taken care of it.

Your Car

How long since your car was REALLY cleaned? Takeaway packaging on the floor? Old stale chips fallen down beside the seat?

Have a pro cleaner detail your car or include a general car clean with your regular cleaning service.

Bachelors, it’s time to get your pad taken care of! Contact us today for a quote.

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