There’s no doubt about it, a beautiful, healthy lawn is a stand out feature in any backyard. Brisbane is famous for big back yards with flourishing grass in our incredible subtropical climate.  If you’re in need of a new lawn for your home in Brisbane our team would be happy to help.

With so much choice these days, it can become overwhelming when trying to make a decision and choosing a new lawn variety is no exception. We can make an assessment considering the unique qualities of your yard and present you with the best options.

  • All our sites are levelled and rolled before laying
  • Turf needs to be cut to shape for yard features
  • Here’s a shot of the site before starting
  • We use the best equipment & soils for preparation

Factors To Consider When Laying New Turf

Important factors to consider are:

  1. Look & Feel
    • If you’re investing in your lawn & your property it’s important that it looks great.
    • A great lawn will help hold the value of a property
    • If you have small children you’ll want a grass that is both thick and soft. Patches of dirt & rocks will result in scratched knees! A quality lawn will form a cushion of safety in your yard.
  2. Sunlight
    • How much sunlight does your lawn get?
    • How much shade does it get?
    • Does this change through the seasons?
  3. Drought tolerance.
    • We have our times of high rainfall and sometimes years without good rainfall. Be sure to take this into consideration.
  4. Pest & Disease tolerance.
    • Have your neighbours had pests and diseases attack their lawn?
    • Is the yard filled with ants or other insects that might destroy your lawn? This can be treated.
  5. Weeding
    • A healthy grassy lawn will be more resistant to invasive weeds
    • However, weeds will always grow at some point. Consider how you will address weeding.
  6. Frequency of Mowing
    • When choosing your turf you should also consider how often you’d like to mow.
    • Some grasses require more frequent mowing and edging than others.

Best Turf For Brisbane

There are two new lawn varieties recently released onto the market, TifTuf and Sir Grange.  They tick all the boxes when it comes to wanting a fine leaf, shade tolerant, low maintenance lawn.  Alongside these two amazing new varieties are our other two all-time favourites, Sir Walter and Nullarbor.  Between these four lawn types, you are certain to find the perfect lawn to suit your family and lifestyle.


TifTuf. A revolutionary new Bermuda cultivar guaranteed to impress.  It has a beautiful fine leaf texture, it is shade tolerant and exhibits great resistance to wear, drought and pests and diseases.  Without a doubt, this new lawn variety is set to become the most popular and valued lawn of the future.  Be one of the first to enhance your outdoor space with this luxurious lawn, we certainly will be!

Sir Grange

Sir Grange is a brand new Zoysia cultivar that presents first-class characteristics.  This premium lawn exhibits a fine, dark green leaf blade that requires less mowing, less fertilising and less watering.  Sir Grange can be grown in full sun or part shade, making it suitable for every pocket of your garden.  It requires only 2-3 hours of sunlight per day.  If you are after a stunning, low maintenance lawn, Sir Grange is the lawn for you.

Sir Walter

Just about everyone has heard the name ‘Sir Walter’ and for good reason.  This variety of turf is Australian born and bred and is the number one selling Buffalo lawn in Australia.  Sir Walter is a soft, broad leaf lawn that is shade tolerant, requiring only 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day.  The thick, lush nature of this lawn makes it excellent at supressing weeds.  Sir Walter is also well known for its toughness and durability, a great choice if you have kids and pets.  We install DNA certified Sir Walter so you can be sure it’s the real deal.


If you have a nice sunny yard and are on a tight budget, Nullarbor is the perfect lawn for you.  It is a fine leaf turf variety that requires at least 7-8 hours of direct sunlight per day.  Nullarbor Couch provides a soft, dense cover and likes to be mown short.  It looks amazing when manicured and is a long standing, proven favourite for many families.

If there is a particular grass variety you would like for your lawn we are happy to work with whatever you choose.

Turf Laying Quote & Booking Form

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Here are some photos from some of our turfing jobs in Brisbane

Turf Brisbane - Before PhotoTurf Brisbane - After Photo
Landscaping in Auchenflowerlandscaping in auchenflower
Turf Brisbane NorthTurf Job North Brisbane
Turf Services BrisbaneTurf Services; Bridgeman Downs: After Shot

Initial Preparation For Turf Laying Brisbane

Spraying of any existing weeds with a chemical such as Round Up.  An application of fertiliser will also be applied to assist your turf with its establishment. After a 2 week period these dead weeds and some underlying soil will be removed with a bobcat for the larger areas and manually for the smaller areas.  All rubbish will be placed in either a skip bin or onsite if requested.  Depending on the area between 50mm-100mm of new organically screened turf underlay will be brought in and spread to the necessary slope.


  • Rain saver water crystals will be spread over the area to assist your turf during dryer times.
  • An application of fertiliser will also be applied to assist your turf with its establishment.
  • These two products will be applied immediately before turf laying commences.

Turf Laying

  • Depending on the size of the area your new turf will be laid either the same or the following day.
  • For areas that have a large slope, pegging maybe required. You will be notified of this in the initial quotation.
  • Your turf will be cut in to areas around garden beds, trees and driveways.

Post Laying

  • After laying has been completed your turf will be rolled. This will ensure that the turf makes good contact with the soil, whilst also assisting in smoothing out any minor bumps.
  • Scrap bits of turf will be disposed of and the area will be swept clean.

Why Choose Us To Lay Your Turf?

  • When turf laying Brisbane we select turf that is cut fresh from the farm, delivered and laid within 24 hours.
  • We take our time to prepare the site, paying particular attention to levels and drainage.
  • We use the very best under-turf soil and fertiliser to get your new lawn off to the best possible start.
  • Our turf comes with a product warranty certificate issues by Lawn Solutions Australia, lawn care guide and support during the establishment period.

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Other Information About Our Turf Laying Services


Liberty Services provides turf laying solutions throughout Brisbane.  Our team of turf layers are experienced laying turf in Brisbane.  There are many factors to consider when laying turf to ensure it thrives.  

Our Turf Laying Services Are Available Throughout Brisbane

Laying turf is a massive job.  Your lawn is a huge investment for your property.  Laying it in a way that adds value to the property is quite difficult.  Professional turf layers can make a new lawn looking amazing.  If you want that A grade look then book in the team from Liberty Services today.

Turf Laying Services Brisbane

Cost Effective Approach

Your lawn is an investment. A great lawn adds value to your property. More than that you use your lawn regularly. A great lawn is safe and fun for kids to play on. And most of all it just looks great.


The amount of sunlight your lawn receives is a big factor to consider when selecting your new lawn. Brisbane has a subtropical climate which means that we get a lot of rain and a lot of heat. However, each property is different. If you have a lot of large trees around your property then you may receive insufficient sunlight. In some cases pruning those trees back may be an advisable strategy.


It's so important to keep the water up to newly laid turf. Every grass type and yard is different. Our specialists will advise you based upon your unique situation. However, as a general rule, you will need to water your lawn twice per day.


Brisbane Turf Laying Jobs


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Testimonials - Brisbane Turf Laying Reviews

You can tell a great landscaping turf laying service from the amount of great reviews they have.

brisbane bond cleaning reviews
Mary Lazarro -Sherwood

Liberty was a great company to deal with. I am very happy with the turf they laid- the job was carried out very professionally and looks great!

bond clean brisbane reviews
Suzanne Donovan -Newstead

Our back lawn was grassed by Liberty Services. We are very happy with the results. Liberty were very professional and went out of their way to make sure that the job was completed within a weekend. Keep up the good work.

bond clean brisbane reviews
Toni Devereaux -Red Hill

Very happy with the look of our new “always green” lawned area. The team were easy to work with, they listened to what we wanted and delivered a quality product that makes our area look great all year round. Very professional over the phone and face to face. Would definitely use again. Thanks Liberty!

bond clean brisbane reviews
Jan Snowden -Paddington

We used Liberty for the outdoor area of our Bar in Paddington. After 2 years of very high foot traffic and daily deliveries and furniture being dragged across it / I’m pleased to say it stay looks like it did the day they laid it. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and would use them again in a heartbeat.

bond clean brisbane reviews
Sarah Thompson -New Farm

Liberty was friendly and professional every step of the way. The men who came to lay the turf were friendly and polite. The area was kept exceptionally clean between the two days the job spanned. The final product looks amazing. Wish we had done it sooner. Highly recommend.

    Liberty Services Turf Laying Brisbane Terminology & FAQ

    Here is some more information about our handyman service in Brisbane.  In addition a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

    Brisbane Turf Laying Services

    Turf Laying Services Brisbane provide a professional turf laying service in Brisbane, Queensland. This includes not only laying the turf but also fully preparing the site for installation so that you will not need to raise a finger. Site preparation includes levelling the site, correcting the drainage, laying down quality topsoil and spreading fertilisers and hydrating crystals to give your lawn the best possible start. We will be able to fully prepare your site whether you are installing turf for the first time or replacing a previous lawn or paved surface. We can remove all concrete and paving as necessary. We clear away all rubbish and excess material from your site after installation so that you can begin enjoying your new lawn right away.

    However, it is referred locally by many other terms such as:

    • turf Brisbane
    • Sir Walter turf Brisbane
    • turf laying brisbane
    • turf brisbane north
    • turf prices Brisbane
    • best turf for Brisbane
    • tiftuf turf Brisbane
    • turf installation Brisbane
    • Sir Walter Brisbane
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    • cost of sir Walter turf Brisbane
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    • empire zoysia turf price Brisbane
    • lawn turf Brisbane
    • laying turf in winter Brisbane
    • sir grange turf Brisbane
    • turf installation Brisbane northside
    • turf laying Brisbane northside
    • turf laying prices Brisbane

    Regardless of the name or how you refer to it the process is all essentially the same.

    Does Liberty provide turf on Brisbane's Northside?


    Liberty provides turf installation services on Brisbane’s Northside.

    Is Liberty's Turf Laying Service Available Throughout Brisbane?


    If you’re looking for freshly laid turf in Brisbane then Liberty Services can assist you.

    Does Liberty Recommend Sir Walter Turf For Lawns In Brisbane?


    For many properties, Sir Walter Turf is a good choice in Brisbane.  There are some situations where we would recommend a different turf choice. 

    Does Liberty Provide Turf Laying Services In Brisbane?


    Liberty Services provides turf laying services throughout Brisbane.

    Does Liberty Provide Turf Laying Services In Brisbane North?


    We provide turf laying services in Brisbane North.

    What Are Liberty Services Turf Laying Prices Like In Brisbane?

    Liberty provides an affordable turf laying service.  We have been told we are reasonably priced.  As there are many variables to consider we like to quote each job individually.


    What Is The Best Turf For Brisbane?

    It depends on the individual property.

    Some of the best turf choices would be Sir Walter Buffalo or Sir Grange Zoysia.  

    Does Liberty provide turf installation services in Brisbane?


    Liberty provides turf installation services throughout Brisbane.

    Which is a good choice for shade tolerant turf in Brisbane?


    Zoysia is perhaps the best choice for shade tolerant turf in Brisbane.

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