Types of Landscape Pavers Brisbane

Pavers look great as pathways or flooring for your garden, pool, and other outdoor areas. However, because of the different varieties available, choosing the type of landscape pavers in Brisbane to use can be tricky.

So, to assist you, here is some information about the most common types of pavers available in the market. Our goal is to help you decide which among these pavers will best fit your needs and preferences.

Different Types of Landscape Pavers in Brisbane

Terracotta Pavers

One of the oldest types of pavers available is the Terracotta pavers. This type of pavers is common in Europe and it can provide a touch of Mediterranean ambiance to your property.

The Terracotta Pavers has a traditional orange shade but it can also come in various colors. It is commonly used on pools, garden paths, and driveways.

Granite Pavers

Another popular type of landscape pavers Brisbane is the Granite pavers. This type of pavers is made from one of the toughest natural stones in the world.

In addition to that, Granite pavers usually undergo a flaming process that gives them a slip-resistant surface. It comes in different sizes that you can use to customize according to your preference.

Rubber Pavers

For slippery areas on your property, we recommend using Rubber pavers. These pavers are made from recycled rubber which makes them slip-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Also, Rubber pavers are great for properties with lots of kids and it can be installed over concrete for convenience. It comes in different shapes and colors making them easier to customized and install in your home.

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Final Words and Liberty Services Landscape Pavers Brisbane

Using pavers to create landscaping features in your home will add beauty and functionality to your property. Moreover, learning the different types of landscape pavers in Brisbane will help you create the best pathways and flooring possible.

Now, if you need assistance installing your favorite type of pavers in your land, then Liberty Services is the one to hire. Our company is one of the best landscaping companies in Brisbane that specializes in providing high-quality paving services.

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