Understanding Stain Removal

Stain Removal is a complex procedure which is an additional service on top of your Cleaning Service.

Did you know that “stain removal” isn’t the same as “cleaning”?
It’s a fairly common misconception and sometimes it’s confusing. Even for us.

Things that are unclean with dust, dirt, mud and normal day to day things that life throws at our homes & offices. A high grade commercial cleaning solution, worked or wiped with a scrub, brush, mop, cloth or sponge will remove this ‘dirt’ and make it clean. This is considered cleaning.
Stains are different. If you try to clean something and it remains dirty it may not actually be ‘dirty’. It might be stained and require a specialised chemical treatment.

Some higher quality cleaners might be able to cut through the grime. It probably comes down to chemistry. Different chemical cleaners will be more effective at reacting with the ‘stain’ and will have a better chance of removing it.

How should we approach Stain Removal?

To do this requires an understanding of 3 things:
1. What the stained area is made of. E.g. Paint, the type of carpet, marble stone, etc
2. What chemical has made the stain. E.g. Nail polish, hair dye, blu tack, etc
3. What chemical cleaner and application process can safely remove the stain without harming the original surface.

This is a complex procedure which takes years to master all the variations of stains that can occur in our homes and offices.

At Liberty we work with several stain removal chemistry wizards based in Brisbane with decades of experience in this field.

Considering all this, it is clear then that the cost of Stain Removal is obviously going to be more than just a cleaning service. It can be worthwhile to attempt to clean a stain first to see if it will budge with high quality cleaning products. If not, you need to assess if Stain Removal is going to be cheaper than replacement. In many cases it is.

If we can assist you with any Stain Removal solutions please get in touch with us for a quote!

Visit the link here: https://libertyservicesbrisbane.com.au/brisbane-stain-removal-spot-dyeing-repair/

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